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What is Reiki?  

* Reiki is a Japanese word pronounced ray - key. It means universal 'life force' energy.   Reiki is the energy of living.

* Reiki is a form of hands on energy healing that originated from the masters of ancient   Tibet.

* It is a gentle non intrusive touch therapy which brings wholeness to both the receiver   and the giver.

* It restores the bodies natural balance and complements other forms of therapies or       treatments.

* Through this powerful yet simple technique you will enhance your health and well         being and the health and well being of those you treat.


 Reiki is a natural form of stress relief. A one hour treatment is equivalent to three to four hours of good sleep. - Due to it's natural stress relief......Reiki can.....

* Reduce muscle tension 

* Stabilize blood pressure and heart rate.

* Improve the bodies immune system and all other systems of the body therefore increasing vitality....

 Anyone can learn Reiki. no prior knowledge or experience is needed for you to attend a Reiki one class....

It is important to know that Reiki does not deplete the practitioner of his or her own energy.... the energy comes through you  - not from you, you are just the connector so to speak to the higher universal energies....

* Reiki is neither a religion or a cult. Universal life force energies  have been used by many different religious cultures and healing systems. 'Chi' in Chinese Acupuncture, 'Prana' in Yoga, The Holy Spirit in Christianity. This energy is not exclusive to anyone and is available for everyone.

*Science now accepts that the universe is not simply empty space but is actually filled with energy waves......As are solid objects made up of millions of tiny little atoms (energy)... These energy waves are essential to all life - including yours!

Reiki simply utilises these energy waves for the purpose of healing.

* A Reiki treatment is simple and easy to give. There is no need to remove clothing, bandages, casts etc.

During a treatment most people feel a heat or a tingling sensation coming from the practitioners hands - this is good and quite often surprises the recipient new to Reiki. 

* Reiki can be used anywhere at any time for yourself or others. However creating a special place for healings is helpful in relaxing the client even more.


ATTUNEMENTS - We are all born with the ability to channel the universal Life Force energy, but somewhere along life it gets lost. Therefore we need the attunement process by a Reiki Master/ Teacher to realign with the energy. This is done by a number of attunements during which the individuals own energy field is tuned in to receive the waves of universal life force energy. It is the same as tuning in your radio to receive a signal. Once attuned, the flow of energy is activated simply by placing your hands on yourself or your client.

REIKI 1. - This level involves four attunements which activate your energy flow. You will learn to feel and experience the bodies natural energy system. You will receive training on how to treat yourself and others, and learn the many uses of Reiki in every day life. No further classes are necessary, however you may wish to progress to Reiki II.

REIKI 2. - In this level you will learn symbols which enable you to send distance healing, develop your intuition and examine the hidden emotional conflicts inside of yourself which can lead to poor health. 

In this level there are two attunements which will accelerate personal development and the strength of your Reiki.

MASTER. - This is the only other level left in the Usui Teachings. Some people may feel drawn to this level if they wish to become a Master/ Teacher. However this level should not be taken lightly.

CERTIFICATES. - A certificate is issued for each level of Reiki undertaken. The certificate is a symbol of your level of commitment to service, healing and personal growth and development...

TRADITION. - I teach the traditional Reiki named after Dr Mikao Usui, the Japanese scholar who after years of meditation and study, found the secrets of Buddhist healing powers in ancient sutras. Dr Usui taught widely. His successor was retired naval officer, Chijiro Hayashi who trained Hawayo Takata, the creator of the Usui Shiki Ryoho style. It is probably the closest Reiki to that practised by Dr Usui himself!


Just for today do not worry.

Just for today do not anger.

Honor your parents, teachers and elders.

Earn your living honestly.

Respect the oneness of all life.

Show gratitude to everything.

I teach classes in the Hunter Region when the students are ready.....should you wish to know more please don't hesitate to e-mail me at [email protected]


fees are as follows .....Reiki 1 -  $99, Reiki 2 - $199 and Master level $299 ....all classes are for one day only and you will be informed as to what you are required to bring on the day!  ....Namaste Denise