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what is it?... and why is it so important?

What is Mindfulness? 

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to this present moment, without judgement, shame, fear or guilt.... We spend far too much time in our thoughts, in our heads... either thinking about the past or worrying about our future. Mindfulness is about learning how to be here right now... and it is the key to help you cope with the everyday stresses of life or when you are experiencing tough times.

When a person is mindful they are focusing on the present moment, noticing what is happening around them... taking in all of the senses...sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. and when you notice that your mind wanders off (because it will) you consciously bring it back to the present moment... and try not to be judgmental about anything that you may notice in the present because this puts you back in your head, your thinking.

A Harvard University study claims that we spend 47% of our time not in the present moment, that is almost half of our lives not being present to our presence... think about that...we are virtually missing out on half of our lives. We spend so much time thinking about our past or worrying about our future that we forget to enjoy the present moment..for example for me right now in this present moment of writing this...the rain hitting the tin roof (which I love) and all of the different birds singing outside...just beautiful.

When you are mindful it helps clear your head and slow down your thoughts. It helps you to concentrate, relax and cope with stress and overwhelm. It also helps to slow the nervous system down and helps you to be more aware of yourself, your body and the environment around you.

Mindfulness and mindfulness practices are supported and proven by science  and it is widely used in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. 

some more of the benefits include:

 Helps to improve sleep.

Helps you to improve your memory and learn more easily.

Helps manage depression and anxiety.

Helps you to be more emotionally stable and less angry or moody.

Helps to reduce your heart rate and improve circulation, thereby improving your blood pressure. 

It helps you to solve problems more easily.

It can help you to cope with pain.  

and just makes you happier.

Mindfulness practices can be utilised by anyone, at any time and anywhere. there are no rituals involved or chanting to do  or robes to wear- just a conscious level of awareness to be in the present moment noticing everything that is going on around you without judgement.

Mindfulness is just one of the many tools to help you cope with the everyday stresses of life... please keep coming back to this site for weekly blog updates... with many other tools and strategies to help you... mindfulness exercises and how to utilise mindfulness  will be explained in blogs, workshop sessions (should you wish me to come and speak to your group) and videos (as soon as possible)

 Please enjoy the You Tube video below