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Wings 4 Women
 A Place of Hope and Healing

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What is Wings 4 Women?

Wings 4 Women is a heart centred healing space, where we utilise mind, body and spirit tools, strategies and healing, and use a holistic approach to change through spirituality, psychology, science of the mind, the mind body connection and society. 

Wings 4 Women is an information based website to provide you the reader with some ideas to help you move forward in life.

It is about learning how to cope with the daily emotions and grind of life through mindfulness, meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or "Tapping" ...and learning how to be centered in every aspect of your life... physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Wings 4 Women will provide you with personal blogs, inspiring videos and up to date insights and information on healing. We will  also cover challenging topics such as domestic violence, abuse, anxiety and depression.

Who is Wings 4 Women for?

* Are you experiencing overwhelm, exhaustion or burn out?

* Are you constantly anxious and worried?

* Are you feeling stuck in fearful of change yet so numb to your current existence? 

* Are you a survivor of any kind of abuse?

* Are you so busy meeting everybody else's needs that you feel like a walking "To Do" list ... and that your needs no longer matter?

* Or maybe your self esteem, self worth and self confidence has taken such a nose dive that you feel like... you do not belong, you are not loved, you are not good enough and that you don't matter.

Then you are in the right place...and what I want to say to you straight up is... 


Wings 4 Women is for women who have experienced or are experiencing any kind of stress, fatigue, fear, trauma, loss, physical pain, abuse and are finding it hard to cope with life on a daily basis.

So what is heart centred healing?

The head has us thinking - The heart feeling

The head wants us to be safe - The heart wants us to be happy

The head is always doing - The heart is being

The head sees risks - The heart sees opportunities

The head is logical - The heart is emotional

The head is linear - The heart is flowing

The head is critical - The heart optimistic

The head is busy - The heart is connected

The head is masculine - The heart is feminine

The head says to be strong and provide - The heart says be soft and  receive 

Most of our lives is spent in our heads, our minds and our thinking...what are you constantly thinking?

Wings 4 Women is about learning to heal through our hearts - while not ignoring our heads but by getting out of them for a while.

Wings 4 Women - A place of Hope and Healing does not replace normal medical treatments. It is a means of supporting and complementing such medical treatments. If you have any acute or chronic illness, disease or mental health issues you should always seek medical attention from a qualified Doctor.

Wings 4 Women, the owner, staff, contributors and providers accept no liability for damage of any nature resulting directly or indirectly from the application or use of any of the information, tools and strategies presented on this website..

If you need help in Australia contact
Lifeline: 131114
Suicide Prevention Australia, Phone 02) 9262 1130
Emergencies 000

This website has been set up as a resources website for different ideas,tools and strategies to help support women on their life s journey...